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I empower burnt-out healthcare providers with mindful and empathic techniques that lead to high-level patient experiences.

Dhruva Gulur

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''Dr. Gulur is a greatly compassionate and caring person. He truly cares about your health issues and how your entire body can react to the issue. He also likes to know about his patients. He always asks about my husband if he is not with me. Also asks me how I feel about my health and how I feel about the treatment plan.''

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Dr. Dhruva Gulur, M.D. goes affectionately by dhruvaMD. He is a board-certified family doctor and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. He is an award-winning preferred provider with high patient satisfaction ratings of > 95% of the 275 patient reviews he has online. He has seen over 110,000 patients in his career and counting!  He has seen patients worldwide, including multiple mission trips to Haiti & underserved work in India. He is a recognized expert on improving patient experience. Today, Dr. Dhruva Gulur serves as a family physician in a correctional facility to serve our underserved patients.


Dr. Dhruva Gulur is a sought-out keynote speaker, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) course-certified mindfulness expert, certified life coach, rapper, and a dude that loves kicking it with his patients. Let’s not forget to communicate with empathy devoid of judgment while doing so—wink wink. That’s a dopamine patient experience. 

Dr. Dhruva Gulur equips individuals and organizations with practical mindfulness techniques that will lead to patient satisfaction scores greater than 95%. This will enhance focus and productivity. When you speak with a wise mind and with a growth mindset, the overall success of how you approach patient encounters will flourish along with the success of organizations. 

Compassion and empathy will boost your morale, employee engagement, efficiency, and production. I will demonstrate step-by-step how you will flourish with the practice of Mind Hygiene™. This will lead to successful relationships at home and work for you. I will teach you how mindfulness has allowed me to be hyper-efficient with increased focus. When you enjoy work, you will no longer make the day about yourself and serve your community with fervor and joy. Much of the time, resentment is why we often have trouble with our patients. This leads to incessant complaining. When I forgave generational trauma in my lineage, I could release the equity in my mind not to have my dad and others who abused me rent space in my head for free. This, combined with mindfulness, will reduce stress, allowing you to serve a greater purpose at work instead of implicit operational resentment. Complaining sucks and puts you one step further behind from being the most excellent version of yourself.

Welcome to the Mind Hygiene Mastery Quiz! This engaging assessment will test your knowledge and awareness of practices that promote a healthy mind and prevent burnout. Answer the following questions to discover how well you prioritize your mental well-being.

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