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Dr. Dhruva Gulur, M.D. goes affectionately by dhruvaMD. He is a board-certified family doctor and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. He is an award-winning preferred provider with high patient satisfaction ratings of > 95% of the 275 patient reviews he has online. He has seen over 110,000 patients in his career and counting!  He has seen patients worldwide, including multiple mission trips to Haiti & underserved work in India. He is a recognized expert on improving patient experience. Today, Dr. Dhruva Gulur serves as a family physician in a correctional facility to serve our underserved patients.


Dr. Dhruva Gulur is a sought-out keynote speaker, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) course-certified mindfulness expert, certified life coach, rapper, and a dude that loves kicking it with his patients. Let’s not forget to communicate with empathy devoid of judgment while doing so—wink wink. That’s a dopamine patient experience.


Dr. Dhruva Gulur equips individuals and organizations with practical mindfulness techniques that will lead to patient satisfaction scores greater than 95%. This will enhance focus and productivity. When you speak with a wise mind and with a growth mindset, the overall success of how you approach patient encounters will flourish along with the success of organizations. 


Compassion and empathy will boost your morale, employee engagement, efficiency, and production. I will demonstrate step-by-step how you will flourish with the practice of Mind Hygiene™. This will lead to successful relationships at home and work for you. I will teach you how mindfulness has allowed me to be hyper-efficient with increased focus. When you enjoy work, you will no longer make the day about yourself and serve your community with fervor and joy. Much of the time, resentment is why we often have trouble with our patients. This leads to incessant complaining. When I forgave generational trauma in my lineage, I could release the equity in my mind not to have my dad and others who abused me rent space in my head for free. This, combined with mindfulness, will reduce stress, allowing you to serve a greater purpose at work instead of implicit operational resentment. Complaining sucks and puts you one step further behind from being the most excellent version of yourself. 


Dr. Dhruva Gulur is a first-generation Indian-American from Seattle, WA, and is the proud son of hard-working immigrant parents from India. He was raised in Renton, WA, in the Vista neighborhood. He grew up in poverty. His parents worked multiple jobs, were laid off numerous times, and were on welfare. His mother was institutionalized for 27 years with schizoaffective disorder with bipolar. His dad was physically/mentally abusive and lived with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). His brother would go on to die at a very young age due to alcohol & methamphetamine use. 


He also grew up experiencing trauma both inside his home and outside. In the Cascade Center development of Renton, he experienced encounters with gang life, violence, and criminal activity. He was arrested multiple times and had three stints in juvenile detention. He was homeless as a teenager and slept on friends' couches for one year. As of today, due to those mentioned above, the Cascade Center has closed its shutters on most establishments. Two years after his third jail stint, he procured seven scholarships into medical school. After medical school, he was homeless for one year.


Managing a heavy patient load with over 100 patients per week is challenging. Like many physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and para-clinical staff, success comes with work stress. 


Everything changed in 2018 when he almost died due to excessive alcohol intake, gambling addiction, overeating, and drug use. Untreated bipolar disorder led to a mental breakdown and being off work for six months. He nearly filed for bankruptcy twice. This, combined with horrible patient scores, led to a mental breakdown, and he was off work for six months. He nearly lost his job three times due to low patient satisfaction ratings. 

His brother died from Methamphetamine and Alcohol use on 3/23/19, secondary to untreated mental illness. He had a record deal in BMG music and was a multi-instrumentalist. He only knew his mother for the last seven years of her life, and they lived together and traveled the world. She died on 3/2/21 at 3:36 PM from COVID-related complications. 


This, combined with a near-death career-shifting experience, led to soul-searching and life-purpose questioning. After well-needed rest, he found a path from self-hate to self-love. This came with six years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), and Meta Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT). Due to the stigma behind polysubstance use and bipolar, he had concealed who he was for years. 


Dr. Dhruva Gulur has been sober from all substances, gambling, and overeating for nearly five years, with a sobriety date of 7.31.2018. He serves as an inspirational speaker on Sundays at the juvenile detention he was once in as a youth. He’s never too old to say he kicks it with the young detainees, ya dig? He has lost 60 lbs but still loves tres leches cake and smores clusters. After healing his mind, his finances are under better control today due to a considerable investment in his relationship with his mind through Mind Hygiene™.

An undernourished mind magnifies problems and challenges, leading to negative thought processes. By strengthening the mind's muscles and nourishing its needs, we can heal our mind daily with Mind Hygiene™ that will lead to the Clouds of Emotional Freedom™. 


Among the everlasting transformations Dr. Dhruva Gulur has experienced, there is none other than graduating from a fixed → growth mindset → beginners mindset, from self-hate to self-love. You will get extra far believing in yourself. When you master your limitations, you will be unstoppable.


You, too, can earn compassion, discover empathy and enjoy your patient's experience. Let’s reach the Clouds of Emotional Freedom ™ together today. When you combine a growth mindset with a solid belief in your limitations, you will have success beyond your wildest expectations. 

Heal Your Mind. Mind Hygiene™at a Time.
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  • We need to self love before we can love others 

  • Those that expect to be accepted in society should expect to lose sight of accepting their destiny 

  • The reason why judgement is easy is because it's not hard

  • It is a difficult venture to have compassion and empathy for others if you do not have compassion and empathy for yourself

  • If you are true to yourself when no one is watching,  you will watch life from a truthful perspective

  • Being alone is vastly different from loneliness 

  • Always strive for results, the outcomes are bestowed

  • Do not attempt to prove yourself with an opportunity. Instead, serve. 

  • When compassion and feeling sorry for yourself are discerned, you will bear the fruits of life that is earned

  • Hard work, discipline and good habits should be viewed as investments

  • Everyone can be healed by their creations, the one limitation is fear

  • Fear of connection and rejection all at once is not negative so long as it is channeled in the right channel 

  • The real you is who you are when no one is watching

  • Heal your mind, do not try to heal others

  • To live a life of fulfillment, allow your philosophy to guide your day to day

  • At times, positive affirmations can lose sight as to why we think negatively 

  • Implicit memory governs life

  • To be self made is to personally develop yourself on your own volition

  • Conformists are conformists. Those that follow conformists will lose sight of originality 

  • In order to change your surroundings, one has to question who they’re surrounding themselves with 

  • When one places a positive or negative emotion on a thought, judgement will prevail

  • Believe To Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself 

  • Doing a desirable act is markedly different from channeling an inner desire

  • Approaching life from a beginners mindset will allow you to succeed beyond measure

  • A thought should not have value - a thought should be devoid of judgment 

  • If you are waiting for someone else to motivate you, you will be waiting forever

  • You will value the moments with others when you value the moments with yourself

Dhruva Gulur
Dhruva Gulur
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Erin Markel PA-C -- Family APP

"Dr. Dhruva Gulur inspires people of all ages on a daily basis. He has dedicated his life to the study of medicine and in the last several years years, has tapped into his enless energy of love, hope and inspiration. He has confronted physical and emotional pain he endured as a child and has learned how to heal, how to rebuild and then how to help other people do the same. I have known Dr. Gulur for 10 years & it is so wonderful to see someone heal and work so hard to help others heal as well. He also taps into his passions of music to express himself. With his inspirational speaking, his physical workouts, music & his medical practice, his unliimited energy and love will transform lives. 

Dan Nguyen M.D. -- Cardiologist

I have known Dr. Gulur for 5 years. Watching him grow into what he states is self loathing to self love is a transformation that is inspirational. I remember him transitioning into a state of awareness by taking 6 months out of his to heal his mind, body and soul. He wants to be the best he can be and in the process has stopped mind altering substances. 

Vicky Sandhu -- CEO Alisha Limos

Dr. Gulur is very professional, easy to understand and drives home points that make you think. He sits down with you and treats you like family. You are not a number to him as a patient or an individual. He has a no-nonsense approach to life and in person he is a motivation and takes an original approach

Sudhanva Malur M.D. -- Consultant Virologist

Dr. Gulur manages to make content that could be kind of complicated and a bit daunting feel exciting and engaging. So the people learn almost by accident, like they tripped over the learning while they were bring entertained. His message is like an Ah-ha moment on steroids. So if you want to make sure folks pay attention and get the content, without having to feel like you’re forcing them to do something, that would be one reason to have Dr. Gulur

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