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Mind Hygiene™

Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™

After screwing up my self-esteem for 35 years, I discovered hidden gems within to become happier, love myself, and to fulfill my greater purpose. When you show compassion and empathy to yourself, you'll bless the whole world with your inner gems.  If I can do it, you can too.



I can offer customized presentations through Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™ & Mind Hygiene™


  • Keynote Speaking, workshops, masterminds, round table discussion and seminars. These are each on fields including communication, leadership development, professional burnout, mental health, personal development, professional development, and time management

  • Facilitating Self-Love, Emotional Freedom & Personal Development Groups

  • Facilitating masterminds

  • Workshops

  • Graduation Speech

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Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™ and Mind Hygiene ™ offers Inspirational Speaking on the following topics
  1. Enhance communication with empathy to create a cohesive patient journey through Mind Hygiene™.

    • I will demonstrate how Mind Hygiene™ techniques effectively improve teamwork, create a better healthcare environment, and create an excellent patient experience. 

    • How to build adaptable, empathic, humanizing experiences based on a few simple questions you can ask patients—empathy on steroids.

    • Based on the goals of your session, we will do an emotional freedom meditation where you will be to dominate the inevitable unexpected that arises in healthcare while creating a humanizing, empathetic skill set.

  2. Three steps on how to have a dopamine patient experience through Mind Hygiene™.

    • Acquire and retain patients.

    • Make patient success a reality and ultimately improve patient outcomes and experience.

    • Build everlasting trust through transparency and identify barriers to patient dissatisfaction. 

  3. Mindfully master your strengths and limitations through Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™.

    • Step-by-step tools on how you can reduce stress, decrease anxiety & have enjoyable patient experiences 

    • Provide tools to consistently achieve > 95% patient scores without compromising your or your organization's values, missions, goals, and beliefs. 

    • Learn how to have a better consumer experience that will increase your quality of care, get more patients in the door, retain them and boost revenue.

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