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Mind Hygiene™

Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™

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Mind Hygiene™

Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™

I can offer customized presentations through Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™ & Mind Hygiene™


  • Keynote Speaking,

  • Workshops

  • One on one Mind Hygiene™ coaching

  • Facilitating Masterminds

  • Round table discussion  


Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™ and Mind Hygiene ™ offers Inspirational Speaking on the following topics
Dhruva Speaking

Mindfully master your strengths and limitations through Motivate You; Inspire Yourself™.

  • Step-by-step tools on how you can reduce stress, decrease anxiety & have enjoyable patient experiences 

  • Provide tools to consistently achieve > 95% patient scores without compromising your or your organization's values, missions, goals, and beliefs. 

  • Learn how to have a better consumer experience that will increase your quality of care, get more patients in the door, retain them and boost revenue.

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How to prevent physician/provider burnout.

  • Define burnout and detail the signs and symptoms associated with it.

  • Discuss the complications of provider burnout on the provider, clinical staff, and their patient. 

  • Delineate interventions that can be implemented at individual and organizational levels to prevent and address provider burnout through simple Mind Hygiene meditations.

Dhruva Speaking

Enhance communication with empathy to create a cohesive patient journey through Mind Hygiene™.

  • Engage patients in their care through Mind Hygiene™ techniques

  • Boost clinic morale and decrease complaints among staff

  • Create adaptable humanizing, empathetic experiences 

  • Create a cohesive patient experience – empathy on steroids

  • Empower providers to empower patients through  Mind Hygiene™ meditations

Dhruva Speaking

Three steps on how to have a dopamine patient experience through Mind Hygiene™.

  • Acquire and retain patients.

  • Make patient success a reality and ultimately improve patient outcomes and experience.

  • Build everlasting trust through transparency and identify barriers to patient dissatisfaction. 

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Dr. Dhruva Gulur's presentation was engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. He is very clearly passionate, and his inspiring stories are contagious. He makes complex information digestible. He comes highly recommended.

Sumanth Kharidhi

CEO IMH solutions

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