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Being aware of yourself, your surroundings, your feelings, and your thoughts create a state of meta-awareness. This is understaning a thought with intention devoid of judgement. Approach a thought with compassion & empathy. This is powerful and can be harnessed to create a mind of steel. Which is otherwise known as a mindset. 


About Dr. Dhruva Gulur

Dhruva Gulur M.D. is a board-certified family doctor, rapper (Sublime Shine), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certified mindfulness expert, certified life coach, and a keynote speaker. 

With the pandemic, there has been a shortage of therapists and difficulty with access. A lot of us have a can’t, won’t, and don’t mindset. dhruvamd has a solution to this problem. “ Be your own therapist. Motivate You; Inspire Yourself “. This is done through Mind Hygiene™. Mind Hygiene™ is where I create awareness of myself and my surroundings. I do it on purpose and with intention. I do not try to fix, treat or overcome. Rather; accept, understand and embrace. This is done with self-compassion and without judgment.

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When you embark on the journey of personal development, your whole life will change. You will be more valuable to your family, your organization and most of all, you!! Allow me to take you on a journey that I have been on for 5 years. I do not wish to fix or overcome my past. I have taken the time to accept and understand my past. This has allowed me to see the inspiration and power in past trauma. Don't allow your intelligence to work against you. 


My Message
Never Enough Adrenaline
My message
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Professional Member of the National Speakers Association
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American Academy of Family Physicians Member
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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certification


Erin Markel PA-C -- Family APP

Dr. Dhruva Gulur inspires people of all ages on a daily basis. He has dedicated his life to the study of medicine and in the last several years years, has tapped into his enless energy of love, hope and inspiration. He has confronted physical and emotional pain he endured as a child and has learned how to heal, how to rebuild and then how to help other people do the same. I have known Dr. Gulur for 10 years & it is so wonderful to see someone heal and work so hard to help others heal as well. He also taps into his passions of music to express himself. With his inspirational speaking, his physical workouts, music & his medical practice, his unliimited energy and love will transform lives. 

Dan Nguyen M.D. -- Cardiologist

I have known Dr. Gulur for 5 years. Watching him grow into what he states is self loathing to self love is a transformation that is inspirational. I remember him transitioning into a state of awareness by taking 6 months out of his to heal his mind, body and soul. He wants to be the best he can be and in the process has stopped mind altering substances. 

Vicky Sandhu -- CEO Alisha Limos

Dr. Gulur is very professional, easy to understand and drives home points that make you think. He sits down with you and treats you like family. You are not a number to him as a patient or an individual. He has a no-nonsense approach to life and in person he is a motivation and takes an original approach

Sudhanva Malur M.D. -- Consultant Virologist

Dr. Gulur manages to make content that could be kind of complicated and a bit daunting feel exciting and engaging. So the people learn almost by accident, like they tripped over the learning while they were bring entertained. His message is like an Ah-ha moment on steroids. So if you want to make sure folks pay attention and get the content, without having to feel like you’re forcing them to do something, that would be one reason to have Dr. Gulur

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